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Youngest child hummed a happy tune.  I realized my headache wasn’t so bad. I wanted to clean everything at once, scrub my face, drink Perrier, and reorganize my closet, but settled for purging the house of holidays.  The tree is on the curb.  Hauling it out through the kitchen door was cathartic.  I scraped menorah candlewax off a table with canola oil and a plastic spatula.  The little happy tune will carry us forward.  Blogs are odd because you read them from present to past, from now to then.  The now is what matters.  In the now, it is no longer odd to have a tupperware container full of sharps on top of the refrigerator.  In the now, I am filled with secret half-formed resolutions. To see oldest child’s well-articulated ones, visit her excellent blog at http://mslifeisbestlife.com/. The tree is out.  Pink tulips are in.